Coronavirus Update

Like all of you, we are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on our community. Understandably, there are growing concerns around it. Your safety and well-being are always our top priority. We appreciate you taking the time to read our post in response to COVID-19.

As of right now, we are remaining open with our normal business hours. We are following the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strict guidelines. For now, we would like you to know the following:

1.Know the signs and symptoms: fever, cough, and shortness of breath.
2.If you are feeling ill, we ask that you notify us and stay at home and rest. We will reschedule your appointment until you are well.
3. As a result of the uncertainty and various changes occurring, We are offering Telehealth Services so that you may continue your current services.

It appears that COVID-19 will likely continue to affect us for the next few weeks, it is normal to feel concerned and scared. Please know that we are here to help and support you in any way we can.

Thank you,

CORE Mental Health Services

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