Our Drug and Alcohol Program

CORE Mental Health Services provides Drug and Alcohol treatment services to individuals struggling with substance misuse, abuse, and addiction. Practitioners provide a safe space to process triggers, navigate outcomes of use, and identify as well as change behaviors that lead to continued relapse. Individual and group sessions are offered that teach skills for coping, assist with improving relationships, and create positive changes for individuals in every stage of recovery.

Our Mission

CORE Mental Health Services is dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals, couples, and families by providing support, education, and advocacy. We seek to provide compassion in order to allow for personal and relational growth, the development of resilience, and to empower each individual we treat. CORE Mental Health Services is devoted to restoring wholeness and balance back into the lives of our clients.

Our Vision

CORE Mental Health Services is committed to transforming lives by supporting personal growth, healing relationships, and promoting whole health wellness for those who suffer from mental or emotional health issues and substance abuse.

Our team

CORE’s team is made up of licensed mental health practitioners and substance abuse specialists that work together on an individualized treatment.

Treatment Model:

Our team uses a biopsychosocial-spiritual approach. All team members are trained in addiction treatment and utilize all evidence based practice to work with individuals and groups to create individualized best outcomes.


Individualized Treatment

Every client is assessed and meets individually with a practitioner to create a treatment plan collaboratively between the two. Each client has access to and meets with their provider on a regular basis to assess effectiveness of treatment.

Family Sessions

Family sessions are also available to create support for the individual in D & A treatment. These sessions allow the whole family to benefit by improving the family’s dynamic.

Group Therapy

CORE provides outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment groups. Outpatient groups occur once weekly. Intensive outpatient groups are held for 3 hours, 3 times weekly. Groups meet criteria for mandated treatment and CORE accepts patients who are utilizing medication assisted treatment.